Monday, February 20, 2012

Pictures of Cats and Other Things

I was very excited to finally get a new phone.  Not because I disliked my old phone, but because the new phone has a really good camera.  In fact that's why I chose the phone I did, it had the best camera.  Who cares about the actual phone?  Not me.  I have become a little obsessed with my camera.(See, I don't even refer to it as my phone...)  I've downloaded some of the most popular apps and some not so popular.  Maybe it's because my background is in photography and I loved everything about the whole process that I am so enamored with my new device.  There's something so fascinating to me about having a darkroom, a slide copier, infrared film, polaroid film, sepia toner, (I could go on and on) all in the palm of your hand.  Much like in my darkroom days, I can spend hours and hours manipulating photos on my phone.  At this point I'm not really sure what to do with all these photos so I'm going to post a few here.  I also have an entire Pinterest board devoted just to pictures of my cats.  I'll be posting some of those here as well.  Happy viewing!