Monday, February 28, 2011

Countdown to Winter Park

Next month I will participating in The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. This is probably the most prestigious art festival I have ever gotten in. So if making new work for this festival isn't enough stress, we also decided it's about time to completely overhaul my booth. Here's Paul working on the process.

I think we're actually making some progress. It's going to be strange to pack for a show and not take all the old familiar accoutrements. Definitely strange in a good way though, especially since the old booth layout looked so cluttered and unprofessional. Goodbye chenille bedspreads! It's been an exciting (and challenging) couple of weeks thinking about and making new work to go in my new booth. Our bluebird also seems to be approving of the new booth structure. See him perched there ? He and the female have been seriously scouting out their nest location and will probably start building their nest shortly. Last year we had three bluebird families in our house and this year looks equally as promising! Welcome Spring!