Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Green artist Bailey Jack

Here are a few examples of my friend Bailey Jack's whimsical paintings. Baily paints her ever- so- charming paintings on old doors, found pieces of wood and just about anything else that will stand still long enough to be painted. Bailey is a fast and prolific painter. She has already completed her chair donation for the Furniture Bank of Atlanta's auction and the event isn't until February. I'm donating a chair again this year but if it's anything like the past few years I'll be using a blow dryer to dry the paint so I don't smear it while I'm loading it in the car to take to the auction...Anyway, the best way to see Bailey's work is in person because she always has something new and something funny to say about it. Check out her website here: , or better yet, come on out and meet this quirky, talented painter.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Camelia part deux

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Well, one nice thing that came out of all the rain we had this year is the Camelia in our front yard had a huge number of flowers on it. It actually started blooming about six weeks ago and because we have yet to have a frost it just continues to bloom and bloom. So pretty!
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Monday, November 2, 2009

As I mentioned earlier, the weather on the weekends this fall has been less than desirable. Unfortunately, this past Saturday was no exception to the bad weather only on the weekend trend that we've been experiencing lately. That did not stop Peachtree Road Farmer's Market new manager Lauren Carey from brightening up an otherwise dreary Halloween with her heirloom tomato fairy costume made by the market's own Nonni Cely. It's too bad we had such a rainy day, because the market just gets better and better with new vendors and all the old favorites. Check it out Saturday mornings from 8:30 'til noon in the parking lot of St. Philip's Cathedral in Buckhead. Even if it's raining, Lauren will bring a rainbow!
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For the past three weekends in a row we've been able to hang out with our friends the Dobsons. Here's Penny and Johnnie up in Rome at the Chiaha festival. We were all very happy that the sun finally came out after several weekends where the weather was less than desirable. Johnnie's taking advantage of the beautiful fall day by catching a few rays and a few z's! Thanks again Dobson's for a great weekend!
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