Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's that time of year again...

And I don't mean Spring, because in Georgia Spring comes way earlier than April. No, it's outdoor art show time of year. Next weekend is my first official outdoor art show of the season. (I'm not counting Peachtree Road farmer's market even though it is outdoors and there is art there and really, really good food which is exactly what there isn't a lot of at actual art festivals unless of course you really like kettle corn, corn dogs or overpriced gyros, but I digress...) I'll be in Alpharetta next weekend for their Alpharetta Arts Streetfest. This will be my third year there since we moved to Georgia and I'm excited not just because it's a very well organized show but also because I get to see some of my art friends that I don't see all winter. One of my favorite art friends is Penny Dobson. Penny's bright, sunny paintings really reflect her happy personality. Penny also teaches high school art and it's always fun to see what new techniques she's using in her latest works. This beautiful painting of irises is done on little pieces of collaged paper. Penny's husband Johnnie is an artist as well and builds her frames from salvaged materials. They make a good team! (More about Johnnie Dobson to come at a later date). Check out some more of Penny's work at her website or if you really want a visual treat, come on out to Alpharetta this weekend and check it out in person. Seeing Penny's work in person is by far the best way to experience it!

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